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2003-03-20 - 11:16 p.m.

Can't Escape Talking Poltics Now

Yesterday I taught Liralyn to play air guitar. Being the Dad can be fun, if you put your social conscience on hold for a while.

It's hard not to talk about the war, what with CNN having nothing but war coverage on their front page and all. I have to say that in terms of PR, this war sucks compared to the first Gulf War. We had promises of incredible damage, then a little pipsqueak attack that was going to get Saddam. When it didn't, we had more pipsqueak attacks and reports that we were cruising handily across the Iraqi desert. What the aim of this thrust through the desert might be, we don't know. Is anyone else confused?

This feeling may come from the attitude I've had since it became obvious Bush wanted a war with Iraq. I think Saddam Hussein sucks huge ass and needs to go. I think it won't happen without an invasion, and nobody else is going to get it done. It's a binary solution set: either we let him continue to run the country the way he wants, or we invade and punk the bastard out. Given that notion, I'm fine with the war. But I'd be oh so much happier about it if I felt that our President had the brains to run such a war, or handle all the complications that will result.

At the end of the day, I blame the two party system for failing to come up with a true leader to show up and do something in the 2000 elections. We got a robotic liar and a congenital idiot, and now we're feeling the pain.

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