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2003-03-18 - 9:07 p.m.

Jumping The Track

I run something called Folding @Home on my home computer. It runs at a very low priority, so that when my computer is actually working on something I asked it to do, it's free to do that. When it has nothing better to do, like when I'm reading a web page and just hitting the space bar every ten seconds, Folding @Home runs.

I have the same setup in my brain, except that instead of making a valuable contribution to medical research, it just looks for cool stuff I could buy and figures out how to pay for it. This has been going on since I was a kid and I'm used to it. What still gets me is that it jumps the rails sometimes. For a solid month now I've been thinking hopeful thoughts about buying a new digital camera to replace the crappy one I bought in 2000. Over the weekend my purchase planning process suddenly said, "hey, that's a nice bass there!" And since then I've been thinking about buying a new bass instead.

I don't need a new bass. My main musical connection is Joe, and he's distracted by fatherhood just now. And even if I had a bass and people to play with, I can't play for shit. I have no sense of pitch whatsoever. But still, I want one.

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