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2003-07-07 - 1:11 a.m.

Sleep? Yes, thank you, I will.

I was apparently far more sleep-deprived than I realized. After coming home from Battle Creek, I slept for eight hours, got up and read for a couple hours, then took a three and a half hour nap. I would have slept nine hours solid Saturday night if I hadn't gotten a page four hours in. Hopefully I made up a little ground over the four day weekend.

I used the vacation time to read most of the books people gave me for my birthday- thanks much, all. Beyond that and a lot of TV viewing, I've mostly been focusing on maintaining a highly stoked state about my new camera. In that spirit, here's a picture I took using my 10D and a Canon 28-135 IS lens. It's a closely cropped 67kb jpeg of the USAF Thunderbirds flying over the field at Battle Creek. ISO 400, f/11, 1/640sec shutter speed.

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