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2003-02-09 - 11:08 p.m.

A Test of Lack of Faith

So, while I was out of town, my SO contracted an ear infection. And pneumonia. And aggravated a (presumably) preexisting diabetic condition. Those three combined to leave her in the emergency room, about one-third dead and climbing.

She's OK now, but we're going to have to learn the whole diabetic deal- checking blood sugar, injecting insulin, counting food exchanges, logging the diet, the whole nine yards. I'm glad I never felt the sort of smug superiority toward diabetics that I feel toward people with, say, Packard-Bell computers. At least I can still plead innocent of hypocrisy.

It does seem just plain mean that this all happened so close to Valentine's Day. I had planned to buy oodles of chocolate for my sweetie. Now I'm thinking flowers.

Weeks like these make me wish I believed in God. The space shuttle blows up and then all this happens while I'm out of town and no sweets on Valentine's Day? That's such bad timing that I can easily imagine an unfriendly higher power at work. Alas, I remain firm in my convictions. If there is a God and he's trying to prove something, he has to come down here and beat me in a steel cage match. Otherwise, I remain committed to atheism and the non-directional sort of grumpiness.

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