The Negative Voice
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2003-07-17 - 10:33 p.m.

Idle Minds

I finally remembered to submit a question to "Mail Call" on the History Channel. Question: If he actually answers it and says my name on the air, does it lower my "Six Degrees of Separation" score?

My car's transmission continues to slowly degrade- now it's common for me to have to stomp the clutch two or three times to get it out of gear. I have an appointment to take it in on Tuesday, so my current focus is on looking for ways to avoid driving until then. I can work from home on Monday, so if I can just get to and from work tomorrow, and to and from Liralyn's bday party in Chelsea on Saturday, I should be good to go. That means I make Julie drive when we go look at houses, but under the circumstances I can cope with that.

All the car trouble I've had this year makes me yearn to buy a new car, and next time remember to get rid of it by the time it's eight years old. (The current one will be nine in October.) That in turn sort of bears on my taste in houses. We saw a listing for a *big, cheap* house on the northwest side of town, way off in BFE, and while I hated the neighborhood, I couldn't help calculating that the cheapness of living there would make a new car a lot easier to obtain. I have to keep reminding myself that it could only move the purchase date for the new car up by six months or so, while we'll be in the house for thirty years, but still, it's in my head.

I need something like the pensieve from Harry Potter, so I could take the useless thoughts out of my head. Most of my exes would probably sleep better if I could.

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