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2003-07-20 - 4:04 p.m.

Step Forward

We saw a house we really liked today. We think we're going to end up making an offer on it. Unfortunately it's at the very upper end of our price range, so we're faced with a real risk that some bastard will walk in and outbid us, dooming us to extreme house disappointment. The picture has become even cloudier in that they're taking almost all their appliances with them, and I have a deep-seated inability to buy cheap appliances. Obtaining a new Outrage-grade washer, dryer, fridge, oven, and microwave will be painful. (Well, OK, microwaves are cheap, but still...) Then we'll probably want to put down more carpet in the basement than they have right now, and that will add cost. Argh. Argh a lot. I hate this whole process and I very much want it to be over.

There's no turning back, though. Two weeks ago (7/10), my apartment complex decided to put new drywall and a new water heater in my furnace closet. They screwed up the job and I had no hot water for two days. This week my car is acting up and I'm nearly stranded at home. (Nearly because it's driveable but gets worse every time I drive it, so I drive only when I absolutely must.) I need more control over my life than being in the apt has. I need to live with my SO and kid so I'm not stuck twenty miles away from them if I have car trouble. I won't miss frittering my money away on rent rather than equity and tax deductible interest. I could go on. This house-buying process will be great, but not until it's over.

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