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2003-03-11 - 4:54 p.m.

The Madness of Uncertainty

So as I mentioned last entry, I'm faced with the possibility of suddenly working in an office about an hour away from Ann Arbor. (That's assuming reasonable traffic- during rush hour, there are times when it's more like a three hour drive.) Suddenly I feel like all sorts of things that I had settled in my mind are back on the table.

For one thing, if I have to spend so much time in Southfield anyway, why not look for a job there working for a company that isn't bankrupt? That would be better, no? But on the other hand, I like living in Ann Arbor more than I'd like living in Southfield. Or, Ged help me, Birmingham. Ann Arbor is where my friends are, and my friends make it home more than any other factor would.

On the other hand, I see them maybe once or twice a week, and I work five days a week. Does it really make sense to plan to live close to the friends rather than close to the office? But then, if I got a job in Ann Arbor, I'd be stuck living in a bad location for work and friends both, which would suck rather a lot...

This entry has been provided as a public service to those who may not understand why we haven't just gone out and bought a house already.

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