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2003-02-25 - 10:49 p.m.

I Suit Myself

There's a line on the new Dar Williams CD about how the fallen know it's not their place to know what's right. Maybe it's just the philosophy major in me, but that line always honks me off.

I do feel that people should not try to dictate matters of taste to other people. I don't tell my sweetie how to be a mom, and she doesn't tell me how to be a dad, and so forth. While I like to advise women to dump their loser boyfriends, I generally do so only when my opinion is implicitly or explicitly asked for.

But to know what's right... everyone ought to know what's right. If you don't know right from wrong, you're some sort of moral idiot. If you know but don't act on the knowledge, you're a moral coward. I've stuck to those ideas for a while now.

Given that I know Dar herself has strong opinions about right and wrong, I doubt she really meant the line the way I interpret it. But I own this here diary, and I can rant if I damn well please.

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