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2003-05-18 - 8:48 p.m.

Vacation Recap

Long time, no me.

Last weekend I took Julie and Liralyn with me on vacation to Austin, TX, to see Shelley, Lucy, and Isaac. We generally had a great time, although travelling with children to visit friends with children does indeed work a lot differently than travelling solo to see a friend did. We spent most of our time going to parks or swimming in the pool, and in four days I only spent about three hours actually talking one on one with my best friend the way I used to.

I didn't mind, though, because I can always talk with her on the phone. I wanted to go there in person to see her life and show her mine, and when I'm with Liralyn, my life mostly is about going to parks. It all seemed to make sense. Furthermore, having Julie and Liralyn around kept my usual Shelley angst at bay. That make the overall experience a lot more fun.

All that fun came crashing to a halt on the trip home, where our plane was dented up too badly to take off. We ended up going to another gate and getting out of the Detroit airport after 3am, which had Julie and Liralyn in predictably foul moods. (I exclude myself because being up that late is normal for me, and I tend to take these travel problems as they come rather than getting worked up about them.)

Once I was back, I found out that my iPod has been delivered and then promptly mislaid by the people at my apartment complex, and that MCI still hadn't paid National Car Rental for the damages resulting from an accident I had in February. Nation wants to sic a collection agency on my ass, and the apt complex people refused to take responsibility for their error, so as these issues ground out over the course of last week, I was getting close to homocidal. They managed to find the iPod on Thursday, though, and it looks like the check to National will get cut soon, so life should be calming down a bit from that fever pitch of hate.

This weekend I caught up on sleep, started working out again, and went to the shooting range twice. I was disgusted to realize that I somehow ruined the zero on my scoped .308, so that I need to find a 25 yard range and start sighting it in from scratch again. I still have most of my pistol skill, though, and if I go a couple more times next week I should be in decent form for the usual mayhem over Memorial Day weekend.

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