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2003-06-18 - 12:18 a.m.

Feeling Halfway Normal

Ah, health at last.

Last week I picked up some sort of weird diurnal bug- I'd feel fine all day, but come evening I'd be needing the bathroom, pronto. After a few days I no longer felt fine in the morning- I felt crappy due to gut-induced lack of sleep. So if I was less than gracious to anyone at Dann and Mer's wedding, please pardon me, I had a good lead-off to being out of my gourd.

Said wedding was pretty cool, or so it seemed. My guts were already cramping by the time the reception kicked off, so try as I might, I couldn't quite shake the "god I hope this ends soon so I can die in private" mentality. I felt guilty about feeling that way and so on and so forth until I decided to cut my losses and settle for getting through the whole thing without causing someone to summon Bridezilla to whup my ass.

I had been hoping to buy a new camera in time to take really top-notch wedding photos. The money didn't quite accumulate in time, and so I had planned to just sit on it for a while. Unfortunately, the wedding gave my camera fits. I realized too late that only by totally turning off the external flash can I get a decent picture in sunlight, and only by turning off the internal flash can I get a decent picture indoors, and only by buying a new camera can I get a proper lock on the whole scene. So this weekend I intend to go camera shopping.

I'm also picking up a new pistol on Saturday and applying for preapproval on a mortgage Thursday, so I'm current neck deep in that ancient truism about money: incredibly tedious and unpleasant come, easy go.

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