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2003-06-27 - 9:03 p.m.

Birthday and House Hunting I

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear outrage, Dann Fuller will pay. I don't know why I wouldn't expect Dann to rat me out to the servers at Red Lobster, but still, I should find a way to make him pay.

This was a very good birthday, in that I didn't go to work, but I did play with Liralyn and my new camera, see almost all of my friends, and gorge myself on decent seafood. Red Lobster isn't world class, but it's consistently decent, and it's no like we're on the Gulf coast here or something.

Looking at houses was both interesting and scary. Of four we drove by, we liked two well enough to think about making an appointment to look through them. Reading Kristin's blog and hearing about her difficulties makes me worry that we'll continue to like half the houses we see but never quite make the winning bid on any of them, thus prolonging a process I've hated all along anyway. Liralyn's input helped take the pressure off, since her concerns were very simple, like, "I want to be near a park". She seems to share my opinion that this ought to be a simpler and quicker process, since after looking at three houses she started asking which one we were going to be staying at tonight. I'm not sure she understood when I told her buying a house took a long time and that there were a lot more steps involved. I know just how she feels. Still, having looked makes me feel like we've really started in a way that the mortgage shopping part didn't, and that's good.

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