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2003-04-28 - 9:49 p.m.

Back to Work, but Not At Work

After another weekend of frantic escapism and staying up late, I finally took melatonin and went to bed at 1am Sunday night. At 3am I realized I couldn't sleep because I was overheated and dialed down the electric blanket, and dropped off after that. About six hours later I woke up and sort of staggered through the day, but now at a relatively early hour on Monday might I'm contemplating bed. Feh.

I did manage to get off my ass and put some work into the game Jill and I keep threatening to run. I think we really mean our threats, too, but we won't know for sure until session zero kicks off. I still occasionally look at the rules and think, "Man, this may be a little too rough to handle without someone else rolling dice." But it's worth the effort, I think. I've seen what happens to Champions when the players get too happy with the dice, and I've gotten royally sick of totally diceless gaming. This niche we're aiming at is the niche I want to occupy, and I'm willing to force things to fit if I must.

I miss gaming and I want to do it again, but I confess to a certain trepidation about getting this new thing off the ground. Since I came to Ann Arbor, I've mostly been running campaigns in the game de jour. This will be the first time I've built something out of whole cloth in quite a while. It should be interesting.

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